10 tips for better mental health

10 tips for better mental health

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Mental health is essential to our overall well-being and as important as physical health. When we feel mentally well, we can work productively, enjoy our free time, and contribute actively to our communities.

This page provides tips to help you keep mentally healthy and to reduce stress. We hope you will find them useful. In cases of mental distress, the first step is to talk to someone you trust. If you feel you need it, seek help from a professional.

1. Keep informed

Listen to advice and recommendations from your national and local authorities. Follow trusted news channels, such as local and national TV and radio, and keep up to date with the latest news.

2. Have a routine

Keep up with daily routines as far as possible or make new ones.

  • Get up and go to bed at similar times every day.
  • Keep up with personal hygiene.
  • Eat healthy meals at regular times.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Allocate time for working and time for resting.
  • Make time for doing things you enjoy.

3. Minimize newsfeeds

Try to reduce how much you watch, read or listen to news that makes you feel anxious or distressed. Seek the latest information at specific times of the day, once or twice a day if needed.

4. Social contact is important

Keep in regular contact with people close to you by telephone and online channels.

5. Avoid alcohol and drug use

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink or don’t drink alcohol at all. Don’t start drinking alcohol if you have not drunk alcohol before. Avoid using alcohol and drugs as a way of dealing with fear, anxiety, boredom and social isolation.

6. Screen time

Be aware of how much time you spend in front of a screen every day. Make sure that you take regular breaks from on-screen activities.

7. Manage your time spent on video games

While video games can be a way to relax, it can be tempting to spend much more time on them than usual when at home for long periods. Be sure to keep the right balance with off-line activities in your daily routine.

8. Social media

Use your social media accounts to promote positive and hopeful stories. Correct misinformation wherever you see it.

9. Help others

If you are able to, offer support to people in your community who may need it.

10. Do what matters in times of stress

Learn five techniques on how to deal with stress here. If you find that doing the exercises is not enough for you to cope with intolerable stress, then please seek help from relevant health or social services, or from trusted people in your community.

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