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We started the FPL project 3 years ago with the goal of providing the best possible enviroment to the professional players and the upcoming young talents.

Since then the project has evolved rapidly and grew into a more structured system, a circuit. Today, the FPL Circuit is a system of inhouse leagues which offer the best competitive pugging experience for different audiences and gives them a straight path of qualification to the FPL.

How it works

The FPL Circuit is made by the FPL leagues which is the place where the top players of the scene play in a solo queue against eachother. Below the FPL leagues you can find many leagues that are managed by community organizers and provide a direct qualification path to the FPL.


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Jesper Wecksell

”FPL is great in the way that it creates a lot of opportunities for pretty much everyone, if you are coming from a country with a very small or limited scene you can climb in the international part but more recently also, many countries got a chance to create a hub which will be directly linked to the big FPL Circuit aswell. Now you can climb within your countries scene and then keep climbing in the international scene aswell. With all the top players playing FPL every time they wanna play something competitive, the new upcoming FPL players suddenly get known in the scene very fast and have an easy time getting signed by a pro team. If there was such a thing as FPL back when i started with CSGO, i am sure i would be playing with some european ”mixed nationality” team today.”


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Tomáš Šťastný

”Without FPL i wouldn’t be known. I would be stuck in a factory working 12 hour shifts for $450. Thanks to FPL i could earn money, get the maximum out of my talent and get known which led to people being interested in me and i finally quit my job to focus on playing only CSGO”

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Robin Kool

“Counter-Strike and the Faceit Pro League shows, that anything is possible. My story as a whole isn’t as detailed as many others, but in short words I was just a regular kid who loved to play this game every day to have fun and enjoy the competitiveness. Now it’s absolutely mind-blowing that I can do that while traveling the world and competing with the best. I went from being no one to playing in one of the worlds best team in less then a year. The biggest part of that of course is the community, who make this possible. Everyone wants to be the best and beat others here and I think that’s the most important thing to maintain because this way new fresh talent like myself will emerge and the Counter-Strike legacy just keeps building itself with the help of such platforms like Faceit.”

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Wiktor Wojtas

“I believe that FPL project is a great way for players to show their potential, and grow as an individual. This is one of the ways of becoming a professional player, and we need more projects like that in the future.
FPL in every country, imagine the potential it could unlock.”

P.S. Remember boys, don’t play for frags only!

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Aleksandr Kostyliev

“I believe that with the FPL Circuit we are going to get new players on a high level and let them show what they are capable of.”

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Dan Madesclaire

“Faceit Pro League is for me the place where the pros to meet and play with people of their level. I personally like to play serious games and i find it more enjoyable when it’s with people I know. FPL is also the best opportunity for young players coming from the FPL Challenger or Qualifier to get some tips from the pros or maybe even get recruited. FPL is just the best when it comes to play serious and good while having fun.”

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Jonas Olofsson

”FPL is the kind of league that we need for pros and upcoming pros to improve and get the individual practice that you cant do in team practice. It’s necessary for us to improve.”