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About FPL

FPL is an in-house league system where top professional players and selected new talents compete in private solo-queue matchmaking to train, network and stream all-star content.


Successful stories

Many stories have been born in the FPL: New talents finding their first pro team or new friendships that lead to the creation of new championship teams.


Monthly prize pool

Players are financially supported through a monthly leaderboard, which holds a hefty reward for the best performers.


Monthly hours watched

Most FPL matches feel like an all-star match, which players love to live stream to the community, providing unique and insightful content. Every day.

FPL hosts five leagues in CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege across different regions. We are planning to soon expand to other game titles. Visit our league section to find the complete list of games and regions supported by FPL.

Why FPL?

In 2015, we united with the top professional players to create FPL and tackle two familiar problems present in almost every competitive game title: Pro players want a more high-skilled environment than what the public matchmaking systems traditionally offer, while new talents struggle to get the spotlight and get discovered by the professional teams. Two different problems, one solution. FPL fosters an environment that solves these problems while unlocking tremendous value for the players through three core mechanics:

Training and rewards

Only the most talented players have access to the FPL, making it a unique training ground where current pro players and new talents can train, improve and perfect their skills. Every match is highly competitive and counts toward the monthly leaderboards, which holds a hefty financial reward for the best performers.

Community and networking

As a closed community of players, FPL enables professional players and new talents to have many interactions every single day. Over the years, FPL grew into a strong community and network of players, which enables them to more easily create new rosters, find the next step in their career or join a professional organization for the first time.

All-star matches and livestreams

Unlike in public matchmaking systems, most matches in FPL feel like an all-star match with some of the world's most talented players. Players are presented with a unique opportunity to live-stream entertaining and insightful content, showcasing how pro players communicate and play the current meta at the highest possible level. Everybody wins, especially new talents who receive massive exposure in front of the community and are scouted by esport organizations.

How can you join FPL?

01 - Through monthly qualifiers

We run a monthly qualification system that allows every player to play FACEIT matchmaking and qualify for the FPL Challenger, the second division of the FPL. At least two exceptional players from the FPL Challenger are selected to enter FPL every month. Read more here.

02 - Through direct invite

Our staff regularly scouts for the most talented players in the FACEIT matchmaking and the FPL Challenger division. If your performances have been truly exceptional, we’ll give you a direct invite to the FPL and a chance to prove yourself to the pro players. Read more here.

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